Helping Online and Small Business Owners GET SEEN ONLINE
Attract more customers, sell more products and build your brand authentically – with video.

It’s super frustrating how fast things move in this online world, don’t you agree?

One minute we should all be doing Periscope and then we need to master Snapchat and now the arrival of Instastories.

While the platforms change, the theme is the same:

Video marketing is now essential for online business.

It’s the one thing all schools of online marketing can agree on. Video is where it’s at. It creates amazing connection and trust between you and your audience, it converts viewers into customers and gives you an amazing platform to shine.

...but you’re still not doing it.

Let’s be honest:

It’s not easy to put a camera in your face and talk to your audience, and it’s even harder to do it live. Even if you’re super tech savvy and have your selfie photo angle down pat, there’s something kind of daunting about it #nofilter #nowheretohide #sendhelp

And it doesn’t help when everyone else makes the effort look so...effortless. The harder you try and come across as relaxed and natural, the more you feel like the king or queen of awkward town (the emperor, even).

Yep, that’s usually when video goes into the “too hard” basket and people go back to doing what they know… even if it’s not getting the results they crave.

But if you’ve ever FaceTimed with your mum or sent some silly video to a friend via Messenger - you can definitely record video for your tribe. Promise. 

Hi, I'm Lisa.
My online community can be found over at

Like many mums of small children with something passionate to share, I started a food blog back in 2013 (cliche but true!)

It was 'humble' to say the least.

And in the last four years I have turned that humble blog into a successful online business.

I know what it's like to hear crickets when posting your amazing content to Facebook, or when your email list just cannot crack the 1,000 mark. ​​​​​​​

This is a pic of my first video, back in July 2013. Excuse the lack of upper lip! I knew every single person (personally) who commented on that video.

Fast-foward to now and my Facebook Live Videos receive tens of thousands of views - often in the first hour or two after posting. 
I guess I was predisposed to wanting to try video online. Back in 2007 I created an award winning Community TV show..... we did amazingly well, but as the host, I kind of sucked. 

I was wooden and awkward. My interviews were a mad rush of questions hurtled towards a shocked guest. 

The truth is - appearing on camera is scary. All our nerves come to the surface. We are exposed, vulnerable. 

I was exactly the same. Nervous and awkward. 
But since that first online video in my car in 2013 I have recorded HUNDREDS of videos for my website, in online programs, via free webinars, on Facebook and other channels like Periscope and InstaStories. 

I use video ads to sell programs and they ALWAYS outperform images.

I have discovered exactly what makes an online video great and I have created Keeping Video Real to teach other passionate business owners how to bring their message to a bigger audience and grow their revenue.
Here's just a few things that video has helped me achieve:

Small Steps to Wholefoods
My first eCourse had 550 participants. I launched that program 8 times and had well over 3k participants.
Small Steps Living Membership
There are currently 800 women in my monthly Membership program. 
Leveraged Income
I have created 3 evergreen programs that continue to make sales month in and month out.
My webinars attract thousands of new people to my list - this 4-part series attracted 6k+ viewers!
I've been featured in Publications like The Age about my business success.
Speaking Events
And spoken at industry events like Problogger about the importance of taking 'imperfect action' and including VIDEO to grow your business faster and smarter. 
TV Appearances
Oh and not to mention that time I was invited on to a Channel 10 program to make my famous Chicken Patties!

You don’t need fancy equipment (videos I recorded with my iPhone propped up against a stack of books? Thousands of views).

You don’t need to have some inherent “x factor.”

You just need to be willing to show up, and keep showing up as you learn a few handy tips and tricks for creating video that really speaks to your audience. 

Once you put yourself out there, you’ll be amazed by how much you learn about your audience and what they’re interested in...which is going to be invaluable when it comes time to ask them to open their wallets. 

It’s all about the video!

When it comes to marketing your products and services online, nothing beats video to connect and build trust with your customers. And when it comes to finding someone who can guide and teach you how to effectively use video to authentically market your products and services online, no-one beats Lisa Corduff.

Shortly after Facebook LIVE emerged on the scene I turned to Lisa to help me get over my fear of showing up LIVE on camera. Almost immediately I was able to put myself out there without fear, and the results spoke for themselves. With emails increasingly going to spam folders and organic reach on Facebook almost dead, I credit the LIVE videos I ran during a recent launch with saving my sales. And I credit Lisa for giving me the confidence to back myself and shoot them.

If the thought of recording LIVE video makes you want to sell your business and get a real job, Keeping Video Real is your lifeline. You seriously won't be in better hands.

Laura Trotta, Sustainability Educator and Coach for Online Conscious Businesses.
OK, here’s what you’ll get in the Keeping Video Real program:
Week One: Video 101
//  Equipment essentials
//  Shooting and editing basics
//  Presenting essentials
//  Video ideas bank - Ideas to get you started (you WILL record a video this week)
WEEK TWO: Facebook video 
//  Facebook Live - the ins and outs
//  Videos that engage - how to create meaningful connection
//  Videos that sell - what makes someone click?
WEEK THREE: Webinars/Online Presentations
//  Popular webinar platforms - which one’s right for you?
//  Conducting a video interview 
//  Launch Webinars 
//  Roadmap for creating your first presentation
Week Four:  Video Extras
//  Promo videos on websites
//  Elements of a script that sells
//  Is consistency key?
//  Does length matter?
//  How to find your voice

These are the step-by-step basics, designed to give you exactly what you need to amplify your brand presence online - and overcome your fears and concerns about creating video that really works for you, and shows you in the best (or rather, most sell-able) light possible.

We meet LIVE each Thursday for four weeks for a one hour workshop at 10:30am AEST and your PDF info sheets and simple assignments to ensure you stay accountable and start shooting right away!

You’ll be encouraged the whole time via a private FB group where you’ll share your experiences as we move through the month together. The best part: you’ll have a small supportive audience to test your first few videos on, before unleashing your awesomeness onto the rest of the world! 

Bite the bullet and hit record. Your business depends on it.

Building an online business in a crowded market is tough. It's why I always invite Lisa to teach my Business Coaching Clients. They get actionable, strategic advice and a big kick up the bum to create video content. And they never regret it. Lisa teaches this stuff like no one else in the industry and I highly recommend Keeping Video Real.

Serena Sandstrom, Business Coach (

Colin Boyd on Persuasion 

Learn how to sell without the sleaze. Presenting Techniques from the master of authentic communication.

(Value $197)

Tiffany Lee-Bymaster AKA Coach Glitter on Looking Pro 

Learn simple and effective ways to look the part - your space, your background, your lighting, your wardrobe and face.

(Value $197)

Karly Nimmo on Moving Through Fear

Karly breaks down exactly how to move through the fear of video and provides you with tools to realise your your full potential. 

(Value $197)

Allison Davies on The Power of Expression

Learn why some people have voices you just want to listen to - and how to steal their tricks! 

(Value $197)

That's almost $1000 bonus content from leaders in their field!

This program is amazing - but don't just take my word for it!
Check out what some of the grads have to say about Keeping Video Real
Dr Kristy Goodwin, Author and Speaker

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Heidi Fitzpatrick
I recommend all of my branding clients "give video a go" as a means to help them find their voice and stand out in what is often a crowded marketplace.

Lisa Corduff has come in as a professional mentor to both my clients and my group coaching programs and her education to these people has been "business changing".  

Having worked with Lisa for 4 years, I have seen the incredible trajectory of her own business - largely in part to her fearless video marketing and constant adaptation to "whats working now".  When it comes to video marketing, your in VERY good hands with Lisa!

Ellissa Nagle, Brand Strategist -
Video is THE best way to make an instant connection with your audience. We've worked with Lisa over a couple of years now as an influencer for some of our biggest brands. Her authenticity and expertise shines through every time and is, without doubt, the best person to learn from in the industry about builder a tribe and converting them into paying customers.

Jenny Hassam, CEO, Rhetoric PR
Keeping Video Real registrations are currently closed